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Signing Status - Indicator

Users can utilize this status indicator to remain updated on the status of our certificates.

JS code required

you are required to add this to your site if you wish to add these indicators.

<script src=""> </script> 

API endpoint's

With one of these API endpoints, you can retrieve data from the current certificate.

Signed Status

This will display the certificate signed status on your website or app.

Signed Status: (<span id="signed-status-free">[Signed Status]</span>) 

Certificate Name

This will display the certificate name on your website or app.

Cert Name: (<span style="color:black" id="cococloud-ios-cert">[Certificate Name]</span>) 

Certificate expiration date:

This will display the certificate expiration date on your website or app.

Cert expiration date: (<span style="color:black" id="cococloud-ios-cert-exp">[Certificate exp]</span>) 

Certificate Fingerprint

certificate thumbprint, also called a fingerprint, is a hash of a certificate, computed over all certificate data and its signature. Thumbprints are used as unique identifiers for certificates.

Cert fingerprint: (<span style="color:black" id="cococloud-ios-fingerprint">[Certificate fingerprint]</span>)

Certificate Issuer

Issuer: The entity that verified the information and signed the certificate.

Cert Issuer: (<span style="color:black" id="cococloud-ios-issuer">[Certificate Issuer]</span>)

Certificate blacklisting users

This indicator will inform your users that the certificate is blocking users from using it.

Cert blacklisting users: (<span style="color:black" id="cococloud-ios-cert-blacklistingusers">[Certificate blacklistingusers]</span>)

Certificate Added date

This indicator will inform your users when the cert was added.

Cert added date: (<span style="color:black" id="cococloud-ios-cert-addedDate">[Certificate addeddate]</span>)

Certificate Company:

This is the Company that provided the current Certificate.

Cert Company: (<span style="color:black" id="cococloud-ios-certcpn">[Certificate Company]</span>)